Citrus County has a charming history rich in old-world Southern values. As such, the branding of the county should reflect this feeling. As branding is supposed to be refreshed every 3 years, this presents an opportunities to create a design that incorporates Citrus’ southern charm and style, with a fun-loving sense of wonder.
Current VisitCitrus Logo
Proposed Redesigned Logo
While the largest draw to Citrus County is the town of Crystal River, there are many other aspects to the county that make it more than just a 'getaway' trip. To make Citrus County into a more complete destination, the website needs to be overhauled to show more attractions to the county as a whole.
Advertisements, marketing materials, web designs, and everything associated with Citrus County should fall into a single branding design. The goal of this branding is to answer questions for visitors before they ask. Is Floral City within Citrus County? Are there any attractions in Hernando? Are there historic sites in the area? With concise, well-designed, and corresponding branding, these questions can be answered upon first glance.
Example Destination Branding:
This helps establish and unite Citrus County’s unique regions. Inverness is very different from places like Homosassa, with different attractions and appeal. Visitors to the county should feel welcome to explore beyond the waters of Crystal River — which is the largest draw to the county.
Example Activity Branding:
The goal is to change the perception of Citrus County as more than just a destination vacation to the river. Visiting the county should evoke a sense of adventure and classic charm, as well as a fun “getaway trip” for nearby residents.  By consolidating branding ideas, visitors will begin to associate the style with Citrus County as a whole.
Example Marketing Material
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