Playstation 5 UI Concept Design

The Generational Juggernaut

To this day, no console has surpassed Sony’s Playstation 2 in sales. Over 155 million units have been sold to this day. But why?

The simplest answer is: the PS2 was the ultimate entertainment system.

Released in North America in October 2000 for $299 USD, it could play not only the latest generation games released, it was backwards compatible allowing users to play Playstation 1 games, as well as watch movies via the newly-released format known as DVDs.

For my PS5 concept, I built upon the foundation set over 20 years ago: create the ultimate entertainment system for today.

Make it easy to play the latest generation of games, provide backwards comparability, and consolidate streaming services in an easy-to-use interface on the PS5…

User Journey

The first step was simple: design for intention. When a user boots up an entertainment device, whether its a television, computer or gaming console, there is always intention. Often, it’s to pick up where they left off.

  • Were they in the middle of playing a game?
  • Do they typically watch TV at this hour?
  • Are they looking to connect with their friends?

It can be difficult to know for certain a user’s intention, so the simplest way to structure their journey is to build it around their choices. Here’s the layout of content I settled on which allows for those choices to be made quickly upon boot:

In this layout, we can see content nested into easy-to-access zones. Upon boot, the home dashboard will give the user the ability to pick up exactly where they left off by showing them their most recently-opened software. Otherwise, the most commonly-accessed content is two (or fewer) button presses away:

  • Play a game > Right Arrow to access game library
  • Open a streaming service or application > Left Arrow to access installed applications
  • Check messages from friends > R1 to access messages
  • Swap to a new user profile > Up Arrow to enter profile selection screen
  • Read the latest in gaming and entertainment news > Down Arrow to access news feed

With the user journey established, I set out to create styled mockups that illustrate the clean layout and atmospheric aesthetic:

Example of a branded home screen, greeting users with a new dashboard design
A branded home screen can be interacted to open the detail page within the Playstation Store
And of course, my nostalgia heart would love a PS1 Classic application.
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