Rainbow River Conservation Logo Design

What is the Rainbow River?

The Rainbow River is located in southwest Marion County near the town of Dunnellon, approximately 20 miles southwest of Ocala, Florida.

The first magnitude spring system that forms the Rainbow River has an average discharge rate of 493 million gallons per day and is one of 33 first magnitude spring systems in Florida.

The river flows south from the headspring complex approximately 5.7 miles to the tannic Withlacoochee River, which feeds to the Gulf of Mexico.

What is Rainbow River Conservation, Inc?

Founded in 1962, Rainbow River Conservation is an all-volunteer organization whose mission is to protect and preserve the water quality, the natural beauty, the riverbed, and the flood plains of the Rainbow River through education, conservation, stewardship, and advocacy.

RRC's current logo

My goal was to create a logo that felt more representative of the river as well as the mission of the RRC, while simplifying the logo itself. Minimizing sharp angles and small spaces allows the logo to be seen and recognized from any distance, plus makes printing or embroidering it much easier.

My proposed logo

I wanted something that felt smooth and flowing, but could tell the story of the river itself. I looked at the river’s many resources and came up with a few that felt important to incorporate:

Color Palette

To round out the new logo, I created a color palette to help keep consistency with their brand as they continue to expand and grow. The colors are representative of the river as well: dark blue for the fresh water source, light blue for the shallow depth, turquoise for the pure spring water, tan for the light sand on the bottom, and orange for the sun that touches both banks of the river. The colors tell the story of beneath the water, within the water, and above the water.