Three Sisters Springs Preserve

Three Sisters Spring is one of the most popular ecotourism destinations in Florida – regarded as the premiere refuge for endangered manatees. The Crystal River Wildlife Refuge, established in 1983, worked for many years to slow down development of the Three Sister Springs area before the city of Crystal River and local nonprofits collectively bought and donated the property to the refuge in 2008.

The property sat unchanged yet forever scarred by the land development work done by its previous owners. After almost a decade, the City of Crystal River opened land access to the springs complex via a trolley system, transporting visitors from City Hall to the newly-constructed boardwalk that encircled most of the springs.

It was an honor to be asked to help create some of the physical media in and around the preserve, as Crystal River is my hometown and I grew up swimming in the waters of Three Sisters Springs every year. The City asked that I create something that would convey the family-friendly and inclusive nature of their ownership of the property, which included several illustrations and colorful collateral.

Brochure Design
Map Design
In-park Signage