Florida Football Brand Development

“Be A Gator”

A tumultuous year for everyone, the 2020 season needed a rally cry for all Florida fans – especially given how many would no longer be able to watch their team play in person due to COVID restrictions. With this in mind, I wanted to develop a brand identity that amplified and celebrated the pride of all Florida football fans, while still giving them the sensation of being surrounded by 90,000 fans in “The Swamp.”

The goal was to provide an authentic, exciting, yet simple message that all Florida fans would know. During the previous few seasons, a pregame video would play in the stadium prior to the team taking the field. It featured a voiceover reading a poem, defining what it means to “Be a Gator.” As this pregame poem’s popularity began catching on with more Florida fans, we knew it could define our 2020 brand strategy.

Below is a sampling of the work I created for Florida Football, using key components of the “Be A Gator” poem, as well as developing an entirely new yet familiar brand identity.

Social Media

In an effort to provide fans with immediate information at-a-glance, I wanted to develop a simple solution to the most common questions received by our social media team: who are we playing next; what time; and what channel?

The following examples show how we aimed to ensure the social media avatars were changed to reflect our game location (home or away), while the banners would provide the key information. This allowed fans to get answers to their most-asked questions with only one click.

Upcoming Home Game, featuring a player in our usual "home" uniform: orange helmet with blue jersey
Upcoming Away Game, featuring a player in our usual "away" uniform: orange helmet with white jersey
Upcoming Neutral Site Game, with an emphasis on white since we chose to wear an all-white uniform for this game.
On the morning of a game, the banner would be changed to simplify the message.
Away game day example.
If the team suffered a loss, we could quickly change out the banner and avatar. The phrase comes from a line sung by fans during all games.
For "throwback" week


As part of the revamped social media identity, I wanted to create eye-catching, energetic GIFs for game day content that could also be used in-stadium on the video boards. It was important to me that the in-game and at-home viewing experiences were as similar as possible.


I also created the roster introduction video animations that were used to introduce the players pregame, as seen below.

Print Design

Various promotional materials designed and printed to promote the upcoming season.

Season promotional poster, and a collectible series of posters for fans to gather autographs.
Printed materials including the fan guide, yearbook, media guide and game day programs.
Season tickets, envelope and pocket schedules.
Student tee shirts and campus banners

Social Media Graphics

A collection of some social media graphics I designed for various purposes.

More Portfolio Pieces