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Hello! I’m Christopher Stoney, a marketing content creator with a background in design.

Since 2008, I’ve worked in a multitude of creative industries with a variety of roles. Currently, I’m the Assistant Athletic Director of Digital Media for the UCF Knights in Orlando, Florida. I also freelance with multiple clients in my “spare” time. I write marketing content and campaigns, manage social media plans, and design through a variety of mediums.

“Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” -Theodore Roosevelt



I’m well-versed with HTML and CSS, plus some jQuery and Java. I prefer to build on WordPress CMS, but I’m also capable with base HTML or Drupal. I prefer to design in Sublime Text, but I first learned design on Adobe Dreamweaver. I’m limited in terms of development, but I’m learning more Java and PHP so I can implement more robust design elements into the sites I craft.


I am extremely proficient with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I love to utilize Adobe Lightroom as a means of post-production to photo-based graphics, especially with my sports designs. I also have a firm understanding of CYMK printing and working with physical print jobs such as posters and brochures. And in the digital world, I love creating motion graphics in the form of GIFs.


Perhaps my first taste of the creative world, I’ve been working with video projects since I was 15 years old. I’m proficient with most forms of ENG cameras, all the way down to DSLR filming. I am confident in my editing capabilities, being proficient with Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple’s Final Cut Pro. I utilize Adobe After Effects in almost everything I do.


Beginning with traditional advertising and now expanding into social media and digital marketing, I’ve worked with numerous clients to create campaigns that accomplish realistic goals. I’ve created plans for tourism agencies, athletic departments, and charities. I prefer to focus on digital-first advertising, to keep analytics, and expand reach through social media campaigns.



Assistant Director of Digital Media


Design social media content for all UCF sports programs, as well as custom media for recruiting purposes. Work with Sports Information Directors to produce a uniform brand and voice for all social media accounts. Design graphics and marketing material throughout UCF’s 2016 Athletic Promotional Campaign. Coordinate marketing campaigns based on sports industry trends. Meet with various coaches and Assistant Directors to maintain open lines of dialogue for design development. Design various marketing materials such as mailers, brochures, posters, and other collaterals for promotional purposes. Research various new trends and avenues of promotions.


Marketing Specialist [Contract position]


Write press releases and “State of the Industry” reports for distribution. Create content for social media utilizing photography and videography skills. Established a “marketing council” with industry partners to help create a cohesive and effective brand for all of Citrus County tourism- related businesses. Maintain and build relationships with local and state media. Assisted with the development of Citrus County’s 3-year Tourism Initiative. Developed and set-up FAM trips with industry partners. Acted as liaison for business development meetings across the county. Design brochures and flyers for local parks and attractions.


Assistant Creative Director


Create cohesive and engaging branding across multiple platforms. Write and design marketing packages for potential advertisers and sponsors. Design social media posts, create campaigns, and manage all social media account. Oversee all design for Saturday Down South, as well as assign projects to freelancers, and manage both graphic design and web design departments. Design featured story images for articles, and create images or graphs for in-depth articles.